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As an artist/farmer I first sprouted in Spokane, Washington, but  was raised like a prized cabbage by my family on the farm in Harrington.


When I was young I liked my brushes, crayons, clay and junk, I had an affinity with all the artist tools and materials, but my true predilection was pencils.


I earned a Master of Fine Arts from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. I made posters in Seattle and did a little tutoring but then I returned to the family farm to assume the bulk of the farm work and to assist my parents through their twilight years. I kept my pencil chops finely tuned with multiple art show and logos for popular product labels.


I have been commissioned to create art for the covers and interiors of many best-selling books by authors Tom Robbins, T.A. Sedlak and Peter B. Lewis. I work  on commission to achieve  a specific image to encapsulate the subject (be it business or individual) and speculation to give light to the objects that surround and inspire me.


I am no longer farming wheat, now I grow the world's-finest pencils in a variety of sizes, hues, shades and densities. I am able to grow just enough to keep up with my penciling projects.


If you have an art project you feel I would be the right artist for please contact me.

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